Site givaway

i will be on Club Penguin and www.dojopenguins.net and www.smartpenguins.forumotion.net so, uhh i will have a contest. THIS WONT BE EASY! Here it is:

1st. You must know my favorite color.

2nd. Have over 4,500 hits. (if you dont have a site, comment 50 times on this post)

3rd. Who was my BEST FRIEND on club penguin. 😉

4th. sign up for www.smartpenguins.forumotion.net

5th. You HAVE TO take care of this site! Don’t just get it and not use it!


Ok, That is the contest. Whoever does it FIRST wins!

oN yOuR mArK, gEt SeT, gO!!!!!!!!

For the last time,





Grand Opening!

I’m changing the theame of this site to just cheats. Here is a poll:


Hopefully, i won’t quit!


Sad News…

Update:I have to quit. Well, its not for sure yet.

Hey guys, this is upupin. 😦 I’m not gonna post as mush or go on club penguin thatmuch because it takes up all my time and i found a cool game called Toontown. I am scruffles on toon town. So, sorry. Bye!


Music Jam 08

Hey guys! The Music Jam came yesterday and that was my b-day! Here is some stuff u might need to know:

first of all, the free items:
These are at the Cove

These are at the Plaza

Maracas and T-Shirts!
Also you can buy band instruments!

Click the I in Mus”i”c Catolog for the Red electric guitar! Explore the island to see more!
Also, i changed my look, here is my new look!

Hope i helped!



Happy birthday upupin!

Happy birthday upupin! I made you a little picture!

And also I am going to put a link to your blog in my next 12 posts at http://cpcheatsteam.wordpress.com/ and make a page about you and it will stay there for a month! Also ask me ANYTHING this moth and I will do it for you. (as long as it is possible) I could make fancy text or logos you need wiht photoshop or anything! Also I am working on making the logo I made you have HTML so people can put it on teir sites! Thank you upupin for being such a great friend! And being so nice! I NEVER would like it if you quit. So dont. And happy birthday! I wish you a happy one!


My Ad!

Hey guys, this is my ad! Here is the HTML for it:

<a href=”http://www.fodey.com/generators/animated/talking_cat.asp”><img src=”http://r5.fodey.com/12aadd1ccc96944a69639cabd3de70d84.1.gif” border=0 width=”260″ height=”160″ alt=”gif animation”></a> Here is what it looks like:
gif animation Thanks!



Penguin Attack And New Updates!

Hey guys! im going to make a band! Post a comment and what you want to play and you might get added! Here are the positions:

Singer:Nobody yet

Guitar player:Upupin

Electric Guitar player:Flippy1444

Drummer:Nobody yet

Tuba Player:Bubi (Bublucious I)

Bass player:Doggiking

That’s all! Good luck! Oh yah! A new game is coming out on the 25th! (My bday) also a music festval! (25th, my bday) Cp fixed the unlimited buddy glitch. 😦 You can only have 100! Thats all!


Update by bubi-

Here is the logo for the band me and made!

The band is called “penguin attack”!!!!
Made by bubi, (Bublucious I) edited by upupin then edited again by bubi. tee hee.